00:00  BALAICH NAM PORT from Skye
02:00  Scottish Shindig (r)
04:00 A Touch of Irish with Seamus
05:00 Vinyl Vault with Scott
06:00  Double Scotch with Ian Lees
08:00 The Accordion Club
09:00 Gordon's Ceilidh
10:00 Continental Capers with Andy Philip
11:00  Folk Mix
12:00 SOUNDS OF SCOTLAND with Andy M
14:00 Bob Liddle's Box & Fiddle Show
15:00 Vinyl Vault with Scott Band
16:00 A Touch of Irish with Seamus
17:00 Vintage Blend with Derek
18:00 HIGHLAND FLING with John 'the Prof'
19:00 The Sunday Class Dance with Amanda Peart
20:00 Scottish Shindig
22:00 Highland Fling with  John Matheson
23:00 Nightcap with DA & John

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